Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Seattle Aquarium

Let's do some catching up...and in no specific order.

On August 19th, 2011 we went to the Seattle Aquarium with Benjamin. It was an event hosted by my work (Accenture...I currently work for Accenture and I am now a full time employee and work on the Microsoft account.) Jared met me at work with Benjamin and we drove over to Seattle. There was some construction going on so we got to do a little extra driving on the Via Duct I believe.

We were able to enjoy some conversation with a co-worker and his wife while eating some dinner. After we finished eating which was an adventure with Benjamin (He has a hard time eating in public because he gets so distracted by other things) we went into the Aquarium. We really enjoyed the free family time together. You can call us cheap but it's not something we would on our own.

Benjamin had fun running around and around and climbing. He really got a kick out of the moon jelly fish that go around you in this cool circle thing (the pictures did not turn out). And it had a lighting system that would change colors. It was fun.

We had a good time and wore Benjamin right out. He slept most of the way home that night.

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