Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Place to Sleep

Benjamin loves to fall asleep with us. Or at the very least to be near us. I've thought about bringing his crib into our room to see if it makes a difference for him to go to bed at night. One night we had an extra pillow on Jared's side of the room and Benjamin crawled off our bed and laid on it next to the bed. Jared grabbed some blankets and set Benjamin up and he loved it.
It's pretty cute to roll over and see him laying down in his own little space. He is quite the bed hog and in our queen size bed with Jared and I there's really not much room left. Last night in fact he crawled off the bed and laid down on our dirty laundry pile. He fell asleep there so Jared tried to move him to his bed and when he woke up laid back down in our bed at which point Benjamin threw a huge fit and crawled off the bed and laid down again on the dirty laundry. Jared eventually was able to put him in his crib but talk about weird.

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