Sunday, January 20, 2013

Changes in Technology

Do you remember what it was like before digital cameras? I can honestly say I do. Growing up I rarely got to take photos of anything which I can understand since the camera required some skill to use and to see if you got anything worthwhile meant you had to print the pictures which cost money. Now a days camera's are smart enough to do a lot of things for you to help you get a decent picture and you can look right then at the camera to see if you got the picture you wanted or not. Back in the day the closest to instant gratification with a camera was Polaroid's. We had one growing up too but again I never used it. But the idea of taking a picture and waiting just a few minutes for it to develop right before your eyes! Amazing!
I am blessed to have a wonderful digital camera and even my phone has an awesome camera on it. The problem I see now is I don't have to worry about how many pictures I take. I can take as many as I want and it doesn't cost me a thing. I love taking pictures and capturing moments but I feel they are not always the greatest pictures. Benjamin in fact sees the camera now and runs. My husband has teased me about my nephew's and niece's not knowing what my face looks like without a camera attached to it. While working on pictures for my blog lately and looking at how many pictures I take to capture a moment I have this feeling that maybe learning more about photography would be beneficial to me so I can quickly capture a moment and know it's a good enough one to print and call it good.
We shall see what the future holds soon enough! As for now is my little Elizabeth on October 21, 2012.
This was such a fun dress for her. She loved to grab her skirt and pull it up to her face.

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