Thursday, August 27, 2009

Documenting Dinner

Okay I am so overdue in so many ways. Why did I do this to myself? I like reading blogs, I enjoy writing mine but it's something else to commit to. I need to not worry so much if I don't blog on a regular basis. But I have a lot of catching up to do and the point of this was to use it to vent or to journal things for my scrapbooking which I am massively behind and me being the rapid picture taker I am it keeps piling up.

Tonight it is about my garden. This is especially for my friends at work who are my gardening buddies! I still owe you pico de gallo. We have our meeting Tuesday (which I will be there) so don't let me forget!

I made salad and pizza for dinner tonight. The lettuce is not from my garden and either is the pizza.
But the bell peppers and tomatoes for the salad were. I was amusing myself as I was preparing dinner and taking pictures of the step by step when Mom and Olga pulled up and could see me because the door was open.

Olga said to me that she could see me in the kitchen chopping with my camera and said oh Emily is documenting dinner. I laughed! She is learning to know me so well so quickly already.
It was a delicious meal! Very light and refreshing! I need to start canning! Mom and I are planning on doing some Saturday morning while Olga works on finishing the top of her quilt! Way to go Olga! I'm excited to can with my mother. I've never done it with her. I told her tonight that I will be taking notes...notes of my Inspiring Mom!...maybe a book someday Mom!

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  1. Sorry we didn't get any canning done but look at Olga go on her quilt!