Saturday, August 29, 2009

Deception Pass...I mean Falls

On the way home from a family adventure last Saturday almost exactly a week ago now as I am writing this I was given the assignment from my husband Jared to blog about this trip.

My sister in-law Leslie has been in town from Germany with her kids (Jeffrey, Talia & Coral). They came to stay with us for a few days on Friday. Jared and I had driven up Hwy 2 a few months ago and found a place I wanted to take some family with us to enjoy it more. It is Deception Falls (not Deception Pass as several people think that's what I am talking about)!

Last Saturday we planned to take Leslie and the kids and others with us up to Deception Falls. It was a great day! The morning started off with making breakfast for everyone (8-12 people). We had pancakes, and a fresh batch of a creamy maple syrup, eggs and bacon. I of course can't keep things simple as Jared constantly reminds me (which that is a rant for another day). We were running behind schedule of course due to sleeping in and feeding so many that Jacki, Terence, Connor & Corey were able to join us for breakfast too.
After cleaning up from breakfast and getting everyone ready we piled into 3 cars and caravan'd up Hwy 2 to Deception Falls. It was a perfect day for going out in nature. The morning started overcast but as we were driving the sun broke through and we enjoyed a most beautiful and serene drive (at least in my car, no kids!).

After making it to our destination we piled out and walked down the easy cool trail to the falls. We didn't exactly stay together which is nice about trips like this with family. Everyone can take their time and go at their own pace enjoying the beauty of the world around us. We walked across the river on the bridge and up the stairs across a path under the Hwy to a platform on the other side that overlooks the falls. There is a lot of different falls, it's a simple set of falls to get to which is why I wanted to share it with family. It's not at all like the hike I did with the youth on switch backs or with Jared several years ago on Twin Falls off I-90. Nice and easy does it for me!

We wandered back towards the cars and then moved down to the river and hung out. We set up all the kids on this giant bolder over the river and let them throw rocks into the river. They were highly entertained by doing this which I find amusing what kids are entertained by (not expensive toys). There were a few minor injuries, me being the first to sustain one I believe. Connor was throwing rocks and you have to be careful when he throws (he doesn't quite have his aim down yet). He threw a rock and it landed nicely on my head with a surprise thud. I whined for a minute but got over it. Talia I believe was not so easily subdued later when Corey threw a rock and got her in the head.
I had wondered off to get pictures of Jared and Terence crossing the river and walking up to the falls and of everyone sitting together. When I heard Talia crying I quickly moved to distract and get her to stop crying (not because I can't stand crying but because I have to comfort again another point of discussion later). I took her with me back to where I was and had fun dipping her feet lightly in the water and holding onto her as she bent to put her fingers gingerly in the cool water. I made my mom come and take our picture (which I need to get from her) as I was definitely having an Auntie Em moment.
Connor and Jeffrey were totally bonding over throwing rocks down closer to the river with Rudy. It was nerve racking with their aim and their inability to sense they shouldn't go to far in the river to throw but fun to watch nonetheless. Rudy would every once in a while grab a large rock and chuck it into the river and splash everyone around in a good 10-15 foot circumference. After some of the kids were starting to get restless we packed up and moved back up towards the parking lot. I had packed a lunch for everyone to enjoy together to end the trip. We had fruit, meat, cheese, crackers and juice (thanks to Jared). It was a nice time to sit, fill our hunger and thirst again, and enjoy each other's company. After everyone had their fill the kids played, had diapers changed and loaded up to head home for awhile.
It was really a wonderful day! One that I would love to repeat again. We were going to go back today with swimsuits and towels so we could swim in the falls but that turned out to not be doable due to the lovely weather that likes to rain on my parade (thoughts of Hello Dolly come to mind). Coral


Connor & Jeffrey

Olga and Talia

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