Monday, August 31, 2009

A Surprising Addict

I may not be the first to admit it but I can eventually admit it when I am an addict. I am hopelessly addicted to Twilight now. I know a little behind the times right. Well let's start at the beginning...when Twilight first came out I just heard a few things about Vampires and was like huh?! And dismissed it then the movie came out along with the other books and people were pushing me to read them or watch the movie. I don't like to be pushed as my mother can attest I take things at my pace and there's not much you can do about it.

I don't ever recall seeing a trailer for Twilight and maybe that would have helped to move me towards it sooner. But when people said they would disown me for not watching or reading it I figured ya know what threaten me all ya like it's just a book and I don't have to do what you tell me to do. I was being my stubborn defiant little self that I can be. (Shocked?!!)

So on the way to Germany in April with my cousin Theresa we watched a lot of movies. I avoided Twilight and Theresa watched it (no surprise there). On the way home the plan had a few other movie choices but most of them I had already watched and watched again just because I didn't want to watch Twilight. We got down to the last 2 hours roughly and I finally relented after debating and discussing it with Theresa and she was like just watch it!

We were flying in closer to Seattle and they turned the movies off. I got so upset the movie wasn't over yet and I was sucked in. Bella was in the hospital and arguing with Edward. I started the movie up again and got it to my area and watched for a few more minutes and it got shut off again. I couldn't believe it so close to the end! I started it yet again and watched a few more minutes and what do you know it shut off yet again. I tried about 3-5 times to watch the last bit of the show. It eventually shut down completely and I was stuck not knowing what happened between Bella and Edward. I was frustrated beyond belief! Not only had I watch Twilight, I had liked it and I couldn't even finish it. Theresa was cracking up and would not tell me anything!

Later that week or maybe the next week at work I researched the end of the movie online and got an idea of what I missed but it wasn't the same quality. I finally told my friend Heather what happened and she just seemed so pleased and laughed at me because I didn't want to tell anyone that I had watched Twilight and liked it. I asked my friend Heather if I could borrow her copy of the movie.

I am impatient though sometimes and wound up buying it after a week or so of asking Heather. :( Jared was working late one day and so I went to the store to kill time and found Twilight and bought it (had to go to 2 stores). I climbed into my back seat at Jared's work and set myself up all cozy on my work laptop to watch Twilight. I was really enjoying myself when Jared came over and said he was done. I was upset again I couldn't finish my movie. On the way home though Jared showed me how I could have been using the car's stereo system to play my movie. Love it! It's my back up plan now for when I am stuck waiting around for him at work. Surround sound is awesome! I wound up finishing the movie in the car in the garage with my surround sound (strange seeing how I had my flat screen with surround sound so close by).

So I totally enjoyed the movie and I am so in rapture with Bella's lullaby and that whole scene of Edward playing the piano (I've got the piano music and am working on mastering it with the proper fingering!). But of course I only have so much time to watch the movie right. I started getting antsy and decided to google (I mean bing) Twilight info online. I wanted to know what happened next.

My cousin Theresa was going to let me borrow her books but we kept forgetting to grab them. So I found the first chapters of the books online and was addicted! I had to have the books and again my not being patient self went out to and bought the series in hardback for myself.

After my books showed up last Monday night I believe I started reading almost immediately. Olga had opened the books for me, she is excited to read them too. She has watched Twilight a lot since she got here. Maybe tonight Olga and I will be watching Twilight!

Anyways since I've had my books last Monday I've been doing almost nothing but reading in my spare moments and not so spare moments. It's been driving Jared absolutely up the wall as I read until 12:30 or 2am, on the way to work, at work, anywhere I can. I'm pretty sleep deprived but it is so hard to put the books down. I want to know what happens next and the books are an easy read and they suck you in. Props to the author! I'm less than a quarter of the way through book 3 of the 4 and am a little sad because I know I am coming to the end but I still can't stop myself.

What I love the most about these books and reading them is how lost I get in their world. I see and feel things. I feel like their world is on pause when I am not fully immersed in it. I just love being lost in their world! These are definitely books to re-read. I can see myself this winter wrapped up in a quilt on my couch with a cup of hot chocolate reading a little slower but still enjoying every minute of it.

So of course I can't get enough so I keep looking online at Trailers and things on and finding fun stuff. I ran across a new trailer yesterday that showed images from what I had just finished reading yesterday at this link...

So all of this to say I am surprisingly addicted to Twilight. My sister Megan said today "I knew you would!" But alas she also knows I take my time and it was well worth the wait. I can't wait until 11/20/09 when I will be going to the movies with Olga and my cousin's and anyone else who wants to join me to watch New Moon!

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  1. What about the time that your Mommy was there and you were reading Twilight??? What about that?