Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to blog!!!

I'm in the mood to blog or do something. But I can't find my camera with my recent photos or to take photos of a few things I want to blog about. Poohey!! and a double Poohey!!

We had the most amazing BBQ tonight. We were watching the Food Network last night about a BBQ competition and it made me crave some good BBQ. So on the way home today I made the decision that we were going to try the BBQ place in Monroe. We sampled some on the way home which just made me salivate (even thinking about it and writing this is making me salivate). It was amazing!!! Jared said probably the best he has ever had in his life. So a new favorite now.

We have our garden planted which is what I want to blog about. We got that done this weekend. And one of my home teacher's came over yesterday and mowed my super tall lawn. Almost 3 feet in some spots. Now it's trimmed and I can work to maintain it again with my push mower. :) Maybe that will put me into labor along with weeding and planting flowers this weekend. Though actually I'm honestly thinking about hiring a few girls to weed my yard this weekend. They could use the money and I can save myself on the back pain.

I also made some cute cards this weekend that are also on my camera. "Oh where is my camera! Oh where is my camera! Oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where!!!! Is my camera!!"

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