Monday, May 3, 2010

The Nursery is Almost Done

Saturday was a great day! We accomplished a lot in the nursery. We borrowed the carpet cleaner from Jacki & Terence (Thank You!) and Jared cleaned the carpet while I cleaned the kitchen. We then left to go shopping for a mattress for the crib and a few other things. When we got home Jared put the crib together while I cleaned more in the kitchen (side note...I love my Scunci steam cleaner...I was able to get spots off the walls from spaghetti and other dishes splattering on the walls.). We then worked together to make the bed with the Winnie the Pooh bed set I got awhile back. We brought in the keyboard which we thought would fit nicely in here to play lullabies. We also brought up my rocking chair that was my parents used for us kids. I polished it up a bit. And later we went out shopping again for a small bookshelf to put in the corner by the rocking chair. All we need now is a changing table, a lamp and our son!

Check out the fabulous border. My friend Nichole came over and helped me do it! She is very talented and pretty darn funny. She has a sense of humor kind of like Jared's.


  1. So much fun to get everything ready. I stained that rocking chair while pregnant with Jamie. Then rocked the rest of you in it too. I am glad that you will be rocking your babies in it as well!!!