Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Baby Shower 04/24/10

I am a very blessed person. I got to have a family baby shower also. My fabulous cousin Theresa threw me a shower at her house. She went to town like I knew she would. She decorated, cleaned (which I don't understand what because she is a clean fanatic), baked and made me my all time favorite punch!!!! She also made me this amazing diaper cake!!! I'm afraid to take it a part. It's on a dresser in the Nursery for now...I will take it a part when it comes time to use the diapers.

A lot of my family was there (some were not due to an injury in the family recently) and friends old and new. It was a great time. Even my little sister made time to run over for the weekend at the last minute.

I got a lot of great stuff...the funniest item that I spent a lot of time on was Butt Paste. It's the actual brand name. Talk about funny!

I also got spoiled by my Aunt Cindy. She made it possible for my Mommy to attend.

Below are a few shots from the shower.


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! So glad I could be there!

  2. i am sorry i missed it. i miss you. best of luck as this exciting journal really begins!

  3. (jourNEY not jourNAL) and it looks like your baby is due on the 26th. mine is the 25th. YOURE HAVING A BABY FOR MY BIRTHDAY? how awesome of you. :)

  4. Em! Looks like an amazing shower!!! I wish I could have been there!!! I love the creativity all over the place!!!! And look at you!! Getting close to the end! you are adorable!! Love all the Pooh stuff! cute!! ~Les