Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Weather...Cold Feet!

Today was a wonderful day! I woke up this morning and got going a little slowly but I could hear the birds chirping with the windows closed. When I was ready to go downstairs and get ready for my meetings I opened the door so I could have fresh air and hear the birds. It was just a gorgeous drive to church!

Since it was such a gorgeous day we decided to hang out at the park. We hung out with Jacki and Terence, Felicia, Nate and we invited the Shearins too. Heather Lyons wasn't able to make it because traffic was a bear. It took Felicia 35 minutes to get there.

We had a ton of food! And just hung out eating, watching the kids play (and fight) and Terence and Felicia play ball. Okay Jared and Nate played some too but not a lot.
(I love this picture of Kiah!)
After eating multiple times we walked down to the river and played. cold...what should we do? Oh yeah lets soak our feet!

And then to top it off Terence fell for yet another sucker bet! He gets 30 dollars all together for going waist deep for 3 minutes. CRAZY!!!
Jared's feet still hurt from just hanging out in the water for a few minutes.


  1. The best and worst $30 I have ever made.

  2. I took a nice "warm" shower when we got home. Feeling great this morning but I do have a runny nose. Can't imagine why.