Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Break!

Last week was Spring Break! Olga was a busy girl. She went to Mt. Rainier, Oregon, California and back in 3-4 days. And then she went to Idaho with us for 3-4 days. It was a busy week. Some not so fun things happened to her but overall she had a good time and got to experience a lot of cool things.

Jared and I decided to get a hotel and let Olga stay at my mom's place. Which turned out to be a good thing. Less people to entertain in the evening and she didn't have to set up an extra bed. So the hotel we stayed at was nice and only about 15 minutes away. We checked in and were going up to our room and I was noticing all these little pictures next to the room numbers. We find out room and guess what the picture is of?!!? Bet you can't guess?

A tractor! What are the odds of that?

Anyways we tired to do a few different things with Olga. We took her to the Kuna Caves and she, Rudy and Jared climbed down the precarious hole and crawled around. As they were all just about down I turned to look at my mom who was sitting in the car and saw a small twister (large dirt devil) come barreling down on me. I turned around pulled my camera in tight, closed my eyes tightly and held my breath. It pelted me pretty good on my legs with some dirt. It was so bizarre to me.

(something is wrong with's flipping my pictures to the side even though I have them set up totally different)

We got to spend some time with my adorable nephew Blake and niece Jillian. It was nice to see them. My goodness how fast they grow. I need either Granny or their mom to start posting me pictures or something. I was dumbfounded how big they were but it had been either a year or over a year since I last saw them in person. Jared is such an amazing uncle (I know he is going to be an amazing Dad too). He helped build a decent size train track for Blake to play with. And then at the end of the night started chasing and running away from Jillian. She thought it was so much fun.

One of the last things we did is let Olga drive our car. My mom explained to me where to go to drive that would be safe for us to be illegal. We started driving and I was like oh yeah I know where to go. I told Jared from the back seat where to go and let me tell you it brought back memories. Where we went is right below where I would go off-roading and mudding in my truck (okay it was really Ed's but on loan...I cleaned the underside from time to time).
We did accomplish our main goal of our trip which was to finish Olga's quilt! Amazingly enough I have no pictures of it. Hmm I will need to rectify that soon. I also enjoyed my time with my mom. She learned how to crochet onto a burp cloth and taught me how to do it. I did one on the way home and need to keep going and get them done.

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