Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day! / Happy Birthday Megan

So yesterday, I got online and saw something about April Fool's. So I went out to and sent my sister 2 birthday cards and an April Fool's card to a few people. My brain honestly thought it was April 1st.
Shortly after I sent everything I realized I was a day early. My sister got online and I said Happy Almost Birthday. I didn't tell her I screwed up earlier. For all I knew she hadn't gotten the cards yet.
My poor sister...being born on April Fool's was tough on her growing up. We would give her horrible presents. She got boxes of rocks, boxes of dirt with a coupon shredded and other things. One year I stole some of her stuff to give back to her and then forgot about it and found it weeks later and was like oh here you go. We would tease her about being dropped off by the gypsies and stuff like that. We were mean. But if your birthday lands on a day of teasing it doesn't help.
Anyways Megan is awesome! She is almost done with her schooling to become a teacher and I am very proud of her. She has grown up so much and yet when she sleeps I still see my little red headed, fun loving, smiling little sister at age 5.
Favorite memories of Megan!
  • Putting on our ballet outfits and dancing together.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree for mom and with mom.
  • Pouring over the Christmas ad's and making our wish lists.
  • Making nests out of blankets and pillows.
  • Driving to Meridian together when Mom was out of town thinking we were so cool!
  • Driving down the road in my Chevy van which had missing seats and so we put in camping chairs and I hit the gas really hard and she flew backwards right behind me and then later I stomped on the breaks and she ran into my seat. It was hilarious!
  • Hiding under tables with scissors to cut each others hair.
  • Trying to stay up all night to see Santa.
  • While moving to Idaho we shared a bed at the hotel one night and I flipped ends of the bed and she kicked her foot into my mouth. I woke up screaming "Fungus Toe! Fungus Toe!"
  • The night before I got married we slept on my living room floor together and she flung her arm over in her sleep and it landed on my throat. I woke up screaming "She's trying to kill me!"

Happy Birthday Megan! I hope it's a great one! And congrats on the apartment!

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