Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank You Cards...

While life is changing and more changes are hanging in the balance one thing is remaining constant. My desire to craft! I've finally finished making all of my thank you cards for my Baby Shower's. I've had fun making them and some have been done for awhile and others I finished today. But I didn't have envelopes to go with the cards. I could have handed the ones out to my friends at church but who doesn't love getting real mail! So yesterday while Jared and I were out and about (trying to put me into labor on Jared's part) we purchased some envelopes. Now I could make my own but they take twice as much paper and are a lot of effort. I made the cards that's plenty I think. :D I handed out the ones from work on Thursday and Friday and said goodbye to those that were around.

Below are some other cards I had fun making this week as well and there's a few lucky ladies who are the intended recipients.
Below is the sticker I've created to go on the back of all my cards. I'm still debating putting myself out there and selling my creations. I just need some time, resources and courage.


  1. They are beautiful! Very nice! You should go for it!!!

  2. Those are so amazingly adorable I can barely stand it! You should go into business, for reals.

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