Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Balancing Act

Here's my kids on a Friday (October 19th, 2012) while Mommy works downstairs at the desk.
We are borrowing a seat called a Bumbo from my sister-in-law (Heather). It's purpose is for Elizabeth but Benjamin enjoys sitting in it too. Sometimes I will feed him his lunch in it on the desk next to me and face him towards the T.V. so I can continue to get work done. Other times like this instance Benjamin will just randomly sit in it wherever it might be located. Eventually I put Elizabeth in it and gave her a toy to play with. Of course she kept dropping the blue tiger but it was cute. The tiger if I remember correctly was given to Benjamin by my cousin Cassie.
When mommy is working and daddy doesn't have homework to do on the computer upstairs the family room is the hangout (my office is taking up a large portion of the room). The T.V. is usually on with various movies or shows to try to keep Benjamin's attention but daddy has to intervene a lot to keep Benjamin off of mommy. On this date that form of intervening was holding a large ball with his legs so that Benjamin could balance on it. Benjamin just continues to love to be on top of things and is always impressing us with his balancing skills. And yes daddy did get a leg workout balancing the ball himself for Benjamin.

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