Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drenched in Syrup

I was trying to be more organized (emphasis on trying) and so I created a little menu planner for our fridge. I also had a new recipe to try (or this was the 2nd time using it) for pancakes. "Oatmeal Pancakes" found over on It is interesting to use leftover oatmeal in the pancakes but they turned out delicious. I don't normally make oatmeal with much leftovers though. I typically make a batch of oatmeal for my families needs for the day but I have heard of people who make a batch for the week so it would make sense to have leftovers. Anyways to make these pancakes took a concerted amount of effort on my part as I had to make oatmeal earlier in the week.

So this Thursday morning (October 18th, 2012) I made Oatmeal Pancakes. I do love how big they are and moist. Pancakes at our house is always a big hit with Benjamin. He devours them. Getting him to eat is never a problem. The issue is getting him to wait long enough for them to cool. After breakfast Jared and I ran to our computers without thinking about much except making sure Benjamin's hands and face were syrup free. I was working in the living room at the time when I noticed Benjamin back up at the table. I got up quickly to see he had dumped most of the syrup I had left on the table onto the table and was happily playing in it. I tried to get a picture of my little boys fingers just drenched and dripping with syrup but it didn't turn out the best.
I cleaned up the syrup from the table and scolded myself for being so careless (though I am sure I huffed at my husband too).


  1. Haha!OH NO!!! I would have been mortified. Good job for only scolding yourself. ;) That takes good self-control. I LOVE oatmeal pancakes. We should swap recipes. Yum!

    1. Can't blame children for being curious when I was being careless. I just keep trying to heed my mom's advice and laugh and take a picture. I couldn't get the website to work last night to give the direct link. But it's on her site and she has lots of great stuff to share. :)