Sunday, December 2, 2012

Elizabeth at 5 Months

5 Months (and then some) have passed already...Elizabeth turned 5 months on November 15th, 2012.
 My little Elizabeth is growing so fast! At 5 months she has great head control and great balance. She loves to sit up on her own. Her daddy helped her to learn how to sit up by sitting her between his legs on the floor so she could see everything going on. Once she caught on she has demanded to be sitting up. She can already sit up in a high chair out at restaurants which is nice.

She is still in love with her brother who sometimes can take her or leave her. She loves to watch what he is doing and gets really excited when he gets near her.
We thought we were through the majority of the screaming phase...we were wrong. She has gone back to high pitched yelps or yells. She will do it when excited or mad.
Just like it was with Benjamin mommy is for feeding and comfort and daddy is for playing. She absolutely refuses to take a bottle which makes leaving her difficult. I went to see a movie recently and when I got home Jared said I am no longer allowed to leave her unless it's right around 2 hours as that seems to be her max.

If Elizabeth is tired daddy can only get her to go to sleep if they lay down on the bed and watch some TV (she is taken with Curious George). She will enjoy watching TV for a minute or two and then knock out.
Elizabeth sleeps in her car seat next to our bed. I plan on transitioning her to her crib soon but that room is sooooo cold unless the door is open all day. She does enjoy hanging out her in crib though during the day when I work on putting laundry away or cleaning her room.
I'm doing my best to enjoy each stage that Elizabeth is in because she is growing so fast and I know she will be onto the next stage soon. I love that she will entertain herself for decent chunks of time while sitting up on the floor, or in her jumper, or in her exersaucer.
We love watching Elizabeth grow and are so grateful to have her in our family. She has such amazing sparkly blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Her hair depending on the light seems to have 3 different colors so I am excited to see if she goes blonde, darker blonde or red.

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