Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day started off with sleeping in! Yeah!!! Jared and I both have callings at church that require us to get up early each Sunday and we always have to drive seperately. So once in a great while we get to have a Sunday to sleep in and drive together. But then again we were barely on time to church so getting up early isn't always a bad thing I guess. I really don't like being late to church.

Anyways after church we got home and tagged team projects together before going over to his parents house for dinner. Where we would have the traditional burritos. Which are always delicious and I always eat way too much. Jared made quacmole while I wrapped his Dad's Father's day present that everyone pitched in together to buy for him.
Not even 5 minutes after walking into his parents house did his Dad have the present opened and on his way to playing with it. He got a new RC car (more like monster truck) for his new hobby (more to come on this new hobby). Jared's Dad had a hope that this was what he was getting for Father's day.
Heather, Brooks & Brooks Jr. had arrived Saturday morning for the 1st half and Saturday night late for the 2nd half. It was great to have them home. I got to take lots of pictures of Brooks Jr. The first few I took he didn't seem to care for the flash but I said you will get used to it. :)

Connor (one of my many nephews) has taken to acting like a scary dinosaur. He has gotten really good at sticking his lower teeth out.

Corey (Connor's baby brother) is so darn stinkin' cute. I love his vest outfit. It is rare to get a picture of him without a bottle in his mouth these days.
At dinner Connor demanded that I take his picture. I took a few and then said ok all done. And he did not agree. He said take my picture! Take my picture! So I kept taking his picture. Here is just one of them but I did take a lot as he demanded.

Later Corey decided he was going to clean the kitchen floors. He is starting young but what a good habit to have.

While the boys were working on the new car and getting it ready to drive Connor and Corey decided to go back and forth via the doggy door.
Brooks Jr. is my newest nephew and I am having fun taking pictures of him and his mother Heather.

It was a good day and to top it off on the way home we saw three deer out in field and I was able to get a few decent shots of them.

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  1. Good Shots Emily! I especially like the one of Heather and Baby Brooks. You may be able to add photography to your long list of talents!! Sounds like you guys had a great day!