Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally Joining the Blogging World

I can't believe I am doing this! I've put it off for how long now? After reading other's blogs and becoming addicted to reading them I've finally decided to do it myself (thank you Sara & Meredith). I've been going back and forth and debating for quite some time now. But the final push for me to join the blogging world was so I could share pictures with family members that are far away like Ed (see of my favorites of us together) & Leslie who are in Germany.

I figure this might be a helpful tool also for my scrapbooking. As most know I love to take pictures and scrapbook. I am of course like most scrapbookers always behind so maybe by doing a posting with a few pictures it will help with my memory and journaling of my pages. I am bad at journaling my pages for some reason even though I love to write (as you will all soon find out). This of course will only be a precursor to my scrapbook pages nothing like what I do there.

We shall see how this goes. Wish me luck!


  1. Welcome to the world of bloggers! If you will keep it up I will too! Love you more...

  2. Yay! Welcome to the "dark" side Miss Emily! I can't wait to read your blog every day. Now maybe we'll motivate each other to keep up on our journeys in life through our blogs. Love ya lots!

  3. Hats off to you my dear!! I am not a blogger(mostly due to lazines) but I emjoy reading blogs. Love all the pink:)

  4. Hey Em,
    I just read over most all of your blog so far. IT's lookin great!!!! You are such an amazing woman!!!! I can't wait to see you next month!!! Love you so much!!! LEslie