Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Real Live Piano!!!

I have always had a great love for music and piano's. Music is a great passion in my life. I want to learn to play almost every instrument. My dream job is being a music teacher out of my home (maybe at a school).

I am on my way after being a self taught pianist for 10 years I started taking piano lessons in January from Connie Berner (she is amazing). I am working on some basic skills and filling in gaps in my knowledge.

Today was a milestone in the journey (no I can't play Georgiana perfectly yet with the turns)...but I got a real live piano!!! I got an upright Samick off of Craigslist today in Renton.
Jared with the help of his Dad and brother Brian got the piano from the house in Renton to the trailer.

Back at our place we had our brother in law Terence and some friends from church (Bro. Shearin, Bro. Stone and the Missionaries) come over and help get it up the porch stairs and inside stairs to my living room.

I was a 100% positive that I wanted it upstairs in my living room. It is where I love to hang out the most in my home.

Jared of course was very inquisitive of the piano once he was cooled off. He always makes me nervous when he takes things apart. But if he brakes it he will fix it.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped out! I love it! I actually almost cried while I was playing it.

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  1. Wow!!! I am crying too! I am so happy for you! I just can't believe that they actually got it up all those stairs. Did they have to take thru the kitchen and dining room? Wow, wow, wow!!! Well Happy Birthday Emily!!!