Wednesday, November 4, 2009

favorite moment...

11 weeks along today. Can you believe it? I can't! I'm just so excited to be pregnant and feel so blessed to bring a child into this world. The throwing up seems to be getting worse before it gets better. Which is fine that first trimester is almost over which many say is the threshold for morning sickness.

My throwing up is more triggered by my gag reflex and my constant flem congestion due to my allergies. Does the gag reflex get any less sensitive?

My favorite moment of throwing up has to be Sunday night! Jared and I were driving home from our friends house on the Hwy. I was feeling pretty nauseated but thought I could make it home. Boy was I wrong...almost immediately after getting on the Hwy I said pull over. I grabbed the handle and my seat belt and tried to get myself out the door far enough and fast enough to not throw up in my car. I made it! Jared said he didn't pull over and stop as soon as he did because there was a mailbox and didn't want me throwing up next to it so people didn't have to see it when they got their mail. Thoughtful Jared even as his wife is about to ruin their car.

What's your best throwing up story?


  1. Do you really want to know throwing up stories? Most of mine are so embarsing I want to forget them. Parker enjoys telling one about colorful berries that didn't make it to the toliet, and instead of helping his wife, he grabed the camera.

  2. My gag reflex is permanently ruined. I used to not have a bad one at all, but now if I ever put something in my mouth, like Brooks' binky when I am strapping him into his car seat, I fight gagging. Sorta weird. Hopefully yours doesn't stay bad!
    I only threw up twice during my pregnancy, I feel very lucky for that. But both stories were good. The first one, Brooks and I were in Park City celebrating our anniversary. For breakfast I ate 2 oranges, a banana, and hot chocolate. It's what sounded good! We were walking down main street to the Saturday and I lost in, on and around a garbage can in front of a bunch of construction workers.
    Second time, I threw up... this is where it gross... blood (in my kitchen sink with a broken garbage disposal). We went to the emergency room after that and spent that day there. Good times :)