Friday, January 28, 2011

Business as Usual

It's interesting sometimes how promptings come or feelings come to do some things. Sometimes we follow them and other times we just kind of ignore them. Well maybe not ignore them but acknowledge them debate over them and then just keep going on with business as usual.
Jared hasn't liked his job for some time now. I had been praying that his boss would finally retire or disappear somehow as he was the main reason for Jared no longer liking his job. Jared would look for work elsewhere off and on but either couldn't find anything, wasn't qualified or it paid less then his current job. So life went on business as usual.
2 weeks ago yesterday Jared called me close to the normal coming home time. He said he had been let go and was on his way home. I honestly didn't believe him. Jared has a tendency to tell white lies to me with the intent to tell the truth so when he does tell the truth sometimes it takes awhile for me to believe it. I started to get mad. It made no sense to me. He had worked there for 9 years. And Jared didn't seem the least bit upset which was hard for me to handle. But he had apparently already had some time to digest and calm down.
So here we are at a crossroads. What to do? School? Another job?
We tried to keep it a little on the down low only because Jared didn't want sympathy calls or chats. Mostly because he wasn't sad about it. I knew he didn't like his job but I just didn't get it.
After listening to him chat with his mom about the whole thing I finally understood. We were being blessed. Jared didn't want to quit his job because we would have no insurance for Benjamin and he wouldn't be able to draw unemployment while looking for another job. We had felt prompted it was time to leave but due to some concerns we kind of ignored it. Heavenly Father had a different perspective on things though and made things possible.
We are trying to figure out what is best for our family. We both agree that Jared needs to go back to school but then money still needs to come into our household. So that means somebody is going to have to work. While yes I was terrified believe me I've done a ton of crying but I have faith in the Lord that this is what is best for our family and that everything will work out.


  1. Right there with ya sister...
    Change can be scary, but good. Especially when you let Heavenly Father take the reins. I'll be praying for you!

  2. Hang in there...the blessing will come.