Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Domino's Falling Into Place

The bathroom remodel is done (for the most part). We finished it on the 22nd which we started it on the 8th, so not too bad (first post here). I love the color.

After the mirror came down I got the joy of fixing the holes left by cutting out the dry wall that was torn, spackle it, sand it, and then Jared textured it. I also fixed the wall where the towel bar had hung because it had ripped away from the wall. I need to be nicer too it going forward!

I taped everything and then painted. I thought I was going to paint all by myself since it was my project really but while taking a break on the 1st coat Jared went in there I thought to inspect my work and wound up doing a bunch of painting. My arms sure were sore. I had a hard time sleeping for the next couple of nights and was a grouch until I took some pain pills.

I did the second coat on the 22nd while Benjamin was napping mostly and then we went to Lowe's and picked out a new mirror. Which is not what we originally planned for but I love it. It has more character and opens the space nicely.

The only things left to do is fix a few spots where the paint didn't stick or got missed with a tiny brush and eventually get a new light treatment. I think we've decided on one but it's about $100 dollars which is a little pricey for now.

After Jared hung the mirror he brought in the rug and the shower curtain from the other bathroom to seal the deal. It does look great!

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  1. Love, love, love the green!!! It looks wonderful and so nice to finish a project!