Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Leisurely Morning

Here it is 10am and I haven't done anything but get Benjamin dressed (only because he peed through his PJ's) and had some peanut butter and nutella toast for breakfast. It's been a wonderfully leisurely day. Benjamin actually slept in, he has been adjusting to his Daddy being back to work this week. This morning he slept through family scripture study and prayer and started to wake up so Jared ran back and cuddled him back to sleep. I took over so he could leave for work. Benjamin was a little restless but eventually slept and then ate and slept some more. He woke up happy at 8:30 and we just hung out on the bed (Benjamin in a clean diaper) until 9:30 watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Benjamin was getting tired of the bedroom and I was getting hungry. So we decided to get him dressed and make me some food. He really has gotten crawling down now and still desperately wants to walk. This morning he crawled down the hallway almost all the way (I had to distract him from climbing on the Christmas boxes) and then into the kitchen and back out to the living room and all around it. He has been entertaining himself with his different toys.

I've been working extra hard on cleaning our house, getting things piled up for the DI, throwing things away, rearranging things and baby proofing our home. With Benjamin on the move this is a necessity. I moved almost all of my piano music into the upstairs closet on the shelf so then that left me two empty baskets which are now being used to hold Benjamin's toys that are upstairs. Which makes cleaning up his toys so much easier and Benjamin likes climbing up on them to dig toys out. (win win)

Well Benjamin is down for a nap now at 10:40am I think I might go downstairs and finish this blog and work on cleaning things up down there. I've emptied the hall closet down there and it's all over the family room. I told Jared two days ago when I started on it that I cleaned the family room and dusted and then exploded the closet all over it. :) That's how I work. Clean it up and then make a bigger mess.


  1. Yep. Sometimes the mess has to get worse before it gets better. :-)

  2. I'm so glad you put up an updated picture of him! he's growing so fast.
    I want to come over again soon.