Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Domino Effect of Home Repair

Yesterday morning we woke up and I had some household chores on my mind. I made a massive to do list this past week of chores to get done well maybe not chores but deep cleaning and chores and some projects. I've been making my way through the list slowly. Yesterday I thought I would get a few things finished since Jared was home and could help with Benjamin.

I started in our bathroom after getting Benjamin down for a nap. Jared came to say hi and saw the faucet that had been under our sink for who knows how long. We bought it some time ago because the faucet leaks in our bathroom. Jared decided he could probably do it in about 20 minutes because it was a simple home repair.

Enter Murphy's Law...

The overflow drain broke off of the current sink while Jared was taking the facet off. Debate number one should we purchase another sink or try to install the nice composite counter top and sink given to us a few years ago by Jared's parents. I personally had been wanting the new counter top installed since we got it. So Jared yanked the sink out and pulled off the trim/backsplash around the counter top and the counter top itself.
After cleaning up the top of the vanity and bringing the new counter top up to install we found out it was too tall. About an inch too tall. The counter and the mirror were overlapping. Debate number two break down the mirror or try to cut the counter top down or cut the mirror down. After talking to some workers at Lowe's we decided to try to just cut the mirror down some. Jared scored the mirror and it did not break free cleanly. So we taped the mirror some and Jared worked carefully not to cut himself or damage the wall too much.

Once the mirror was removed he was able to quickly and easily install the new faucet and sink. I gave the sink a thorough cleaning before he did it though. And now I have a large project in front of me. I have to clean up the walls, fix the holes, texture the walls and paint everything before we can pick out a new mirror.
All because I decided to thoroughly clean our bathroom.

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