Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gospel Topic Tuesday:Loving Our Neighbor

I'm currently reading in Alma right now in my personal scripture study. I came across verse 11 from chapter 14. I found it powerful and comforting as I thought about a recent conversation at church with our youth. We were discussing with the youth about being bullied and how to deal with life when bad things happen. Specifically we were trying to get them to understand that they should speak up for themselves and each other that they deserve to be treated better. As I was reading this verse and thinking about this conversation and pondering things in my own life I just was greatly comforted. We may not always know and understand why things have to happen in our life but the Lord is mindful and watching over. He is aware when we've been slighted in any way and unless the person changes their ways they will be dealt with accordingly at that day of judgement but it is not up to us to punish them or judge them.

Our responsibility here on earth is to learn and to grow and follow the Lord's example. He also was treated unfairly and had horrible things done to him yet He did not fight fire with fire. He was meek and humble and tried to teach principles of love, forgiveness and charity. We are told that we are to love our neighbors as we should love ourselves. Do you love your neighbors? Do you love those who tease you? Annoy you? Refuse to talk to you? It's hard isn't it? I struggle with loving those who are mean to me but I am reminded of the primary song "I am a Child of God" and that we are all God's children and need to love each other. We are all of value. We all have trials that we will have to endure but our Savior is there. He is willing to help us. Though He might not take the trial away He can make it bearable.

President Dieter F. Utchdorf stated "Wherever you live on this earth and whatever your life’s situation may be, I testify to you that the gospel of Jesus Christ has the divine power to lift you to great heights from what appears at times to be an unbearable burden or weakness. The Lord knows your circumstances and your challenges. He said to Paul and to all of us, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” (Have We Not Reason to Rejoice? Dieter F. Uchtdorf October 2007) I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can find peace, comfort and love. He is there for each of us and mindful of us. I know this to be true.

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