Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Inspired Weekend

Another glorious weekend is coming to a close. What is your favorite kind of weekend? Mine? Mine are the ones where I have no commitments outside of my home. No plans except hanging out with my family and relaxing (well at least my idea of relaxing...if you ask Jared I don't know how to relax). Aren't those just always the best weekends? Don't get me wrong having plans and going out to do things can be fun too but being home with no demands just always feels so much better.

(I know Christmas in June but I can't help it when inspiration hits! Plus I'm ahead of the curve!)

Saturday I never showered. I just didn't bother. I know I stunk but I was doing chores and weeding so what was the point of getting clean to only get dirty again?! We went for a walk at a nearby park which was wonderful. The clouds had mostly burned off by the afternoon so it was just a glorious summer day. Did I just use the word summer? Could it almost be here? I know you are out there!

Sunday I of course showered and got ready for church. Church was good. I had a little friend named Emily join me for most of sacrament which was just fun. She is a talker and a kindred spirit. Emily is just full of life and energy and had so much fun reading books and saying "He is so cute!"...referring to Benjamin.

I've done a lot of crafting this particular card making. I think I got close to like 30 cards done. I was just inspired. Which my inspired stamp is my favorite right now! I can't get enough of it. It was just so inspiring! I've got 2-3 cards in mind for some friends already just because they fit their personalities.

Well off to bed I must go 4:30am comes awfully early!

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