Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scraps and Cutouts

I've been collecting a few pictures of cards. Some are a little older than others.

These are a bunch of cards I made. I was using scraps up from past projects. See there's a reason I save scraps.

I made this one for my sister Megan's birthday. I remembered her birthday in time and then I saw this idea for a card so I was late on purpose. Ha! I made 4 more like it to have on hand when I do forget someone's birthday because I usually do.

This one I made for my friend Sara. I had it ready for her birthday and then kept forgetting to write it in it and give it to her. And then when I did write in it I still forgot to give it to her. I felt so lame. It was like 6 weeks late but when I gave it to her she said she would take a birthday card anyday of the year.

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