Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cleaning Things Out

I've been cleaning my house out for several weeks...little by little. We had several piles around the garage to go to the Goodwill or to the dump. My cousin Theresa came over to hang out and helped clean out my garage to help us get ready for Olga coming to visit. She filled up her van and took things off to the local 2nd hand store. We still had a trip for Goodwill and the dump afterwards but it made a big dent. Saturday August 11th came and we worked on cleaning things out as we had Jared's parents truck.
We put Elizabeth in the front pack and hung out in the garage together going through things. We finished going through everything in my dad's van and other belongings and figured out what was going to be kept, donated and trash. This was incredibly hard for me. I had very mixed feelings. Feelings of anger...feelings of sadness...Jared could tell I was having a hard time but pushed forward to get it done. Which I am very grateful for.
Benjamin had fun climbing in the truck and climbing on top of everything.
Olga got up and had fun hanging out with us. She took Benjamin for a walk up and down the street in his stroller. It was nice to have our garage cleaned out again!

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