Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can I Hold Her?

Life has gotten a little busier since I've gone back to work. So blogging has taken a back burner...

Here we are back on Saturday July 28th. Elizabeth was laying down on her back chillin' when her brother would come up and try to cuddle with her or just lay next to her and stare. Every time I brought my camera out to take a picture he would move away. Benjamin didn't want anyone to know he actually enjoyed his little sister.

Elizabeth is definitely a momma's girl (both of my kids are). Daddy can be fun sometimes but if you look closely in this picture you can see her lower lip hanging out getting ready to whimper.  

Here we are all dressed up. There was a girl in Jared's primary class that was getting baptized. I had been asked to play the piano but wound up leading the music instead.

At the baptism I had several women volunteer to hold Elizabeth while I was conducting the music. It was nice as Jared was going to have to wrangle Benjamin. Sister Wendy Carroll asked first so I gave Elizabeth over to her and of course crying ensued so she took her out of the Relief Society room. Jared shared with me later that Benjamin was very concerned. He grabbed his dad by the hand and led him out of the room and found the room Elizabeth was crying in and made his dad open the door. Once in there though he was fine and decided to play. It was pretty sweet that he wanted to know where his sister was. For the closing song Sister Meredith Stone took Elizabeth for me and yet again crying ensued. Once I was done I sat down because I didn't hear any crying but while the closing prayer was being said she started again. Let me tell you it was the longest prayer of my life. It was so hard to sit there. I was saying my own prayer of please let this lady finish...I know bad right! By the time I got out there Elizabeth was under control again.

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