Friday, July 27, 2012

An Impromtu Trip

Monday night Jared and I decided to take off to Oregon to pick up my dad's van that had been left at a shop down in Astoria. We booked a hotel and quickly packed our things and went to bed. Jared was a little bothered by how fast we were doing things but I figured it was an adventure. And it was in more ways than one!!!

We drove up to the Column in Astoria to let Benjamin and us stretch our legs and take care of Elizabeth and eat lunch. I sat at the base of the tower and took care of Elizabeth while Benjamin led his daddy around. Where did they wind up? Oh at the top of 164 steps and 125 feet in the air.

I heard my name called out and got up to see what was going on. There was Jared and Benjamin at the top. Jared said it was a long way up with an extra 35 lbs that he was carrying. His legs were shaking after they got back down. Going up once was not enough for Benjamin. He really likes being at the top of the tallest thing he can get to.
We enjoyed some lunch while Elizabeth was awake for the first long stretch of the day. Apparently driving long distances helps her stay asleep.
After getting my dad's van registered in Washington state we went to the beach. Jared is so wonderful. I requested to go to the beach at my mom's advice and he thought of a beach we could go to. We had gone to both this beach and the Column with my dad and brothers. Ed got the truck stuck at the beach if I remember correctly.

Anyways this was Benjamin's first time at the beach and as soon as we reached the sand he fell down and started to play. I had to pick him up and make him walk to realize that there was more to the beach to enjoy and see. We walked all the way down to the ocean and I took Benjamin's shoes off and rolled up his pants and mine too (not that it helped much).

Benjamin's reaction to the ocean and the beach was priceless. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and I enjoyed playing with him and sharing in the moment. Jared stood back a bit from the ocean with the camera while holding Elizabeth and took pictures. It was a wonderful trip together!

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