Monday, July 16, 2012

Here Comes Granny

Granny holding Elizabeth for the first time!
Granny came to town! And when Granny comes to town someone always gets something! What did someone get this time?

Benjamin and Mommy opening up the present from Granny for Benjamin's birthday!
Benjamin got a quilt from Granny. It's his 2nd quilt from her. Since he now has a big twin size bed he needed a fun quilt to go with it. Granny hit the fun mark right on. It's another story book quilt about fun adventures in space with bright colors. The quilting design is of the sun, moon and stars. I love it! Benjamin had fun with it too and even let Granny play with him with the quilt.

I did specifically ask my mom to make Benjamin a quilt. Her quilts are amazing!

Benjamin and Granny playing with his new quilt and pillow in his room. She also got him a big Thomas the Train book. (06/26/2012)

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