Monday, July 16, 2012

How Old Am I?

I turned 29 this year! When I woke up on my birthday Jared and I were talking about how I turned 28. After awhile I was sitting there doing the math in my head going wait Jared was born in 80 so that means he was 32 this year and I am only 3 years younger...ah snap...I am 29! I laughed and so did Jared.

We didn't do much but chores and hang out. We had gone out for dinner earlier in the week because I didn't want to make dinner and eating out sounded good. We did go to the store and buy a small charcoal grill and the makings for hamburgers. That was what I wanted for my birthday. My cousin Theresa texted me and confirmed it was my birthday and asked if she and my Aunt Cindy could come over. I said yes. Aunt Cindy had done a "little" shopping for Elizabeth. On their way they stopped to get me chocolate for my birthday. They went a little overboard. I got a bunch of candy bars and a chocolate cake and ice cream. Holy cow I felt so spoiled.

Aunt Cindy said that it's just nice to know that people remember you on your birthday. It was great! We had a fun little impromptu party. I do love my family!

Here is Benjamin playing with the sprinkler in our backyard.

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