Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elizabeth at 1 Month

I am a little late getting this together but I didn't want to skip it all together. Elizabeth has already passed the 1 month mark and is on her way to 6 weeks this Friday. I didn't actually get a picture of her on her 1 month mark for some reason. I remember thinking about it and then it just didn't happen. That's how life goes sometimes.

Here is Elizabeth when she was born


here is Elizabeth when she is almost a month old (one day prior).

It has been interesting adjusting to having two kids. Elizabeth is very different from Benjamin...she's not as easy as he was sometimes. Elizabeth loves her mommy! Daddy on the other hand she will tolerate sometimes. She loves to sleep in her swing and is big on being in motion. She only liked me to hold her straight up and down on my chest and for Jared she would only like to be held horizontally. If either of us tried the opposite direction she would scream at us. Elizabeth came out with a great set of lungs. She has an eardrum piercing scream when she is really ticked off that we call the "Banshee Cry". We try to keep her from getting to that point as it really hurts. She is a great sleeper though at night. Elizabeth will typically go down around 10pm and not wake up until 2am or 5am. Which is great because it helps me to get enough sleep to keep up with her and Benjamin and the house throughout the day. Elizabeth is only recently starting to take a pacifier more now but she has to want it or it just makes her gag. Another nickname we've had for Elizabeth is "little squirt". She was really good at doing little squirts in her diaper that were just so tiny but big enough to irritate her bottom that she would not fall asleep or nurse. It has made for a lot more diaper changes and Jared threatened that if she didn't learn to stop with the little squirts that he would keep the nickname "little squirt" and tell all her future boyfriends how she got the nickname. It seemed to have work as she is not doing it quite so much anymore. At the beginning I would get up and nurse Elizabeth and then sit back on the bed with her vertical on my chest and fall asleep there with her sleeping. It was nice. She's gotten bigger so she doesn't fit as well and doesn't like it as much anymore. The miracle worker that Jared found to help calm her down when she is in a fit was the box fans on high. She definitely likes white noise...if I vacuum while she is in the swing she will typically fall asleep (my carpets haven't been so clean in a long time) which Benjamin did too.

Elizabeth is weighing in now around 14lbs and is between 23 and 24 inches long. Benjamin loves to look at her and smile more and more now which is great. He is going to be a great older brother. I love Elizabeth so much and I am grateful to have her in our family. It's wonderful to cuddle with her and watch her grow so much already.

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