Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Theme Is...

We went to church today. I was feeling okay and felt there was no reason to stay home. I only went for first hour though as I don't feel up to three hours out with Elizabeth just yet. We had a theme today with Elizabeth's outfit/ensemble. The theme was "Do not mistake our little girl for a boy!" Lots and lots of pink.

Benjamin decided to crawl into his old car seat. He obviously way too big for it now.

I had been wanting to take some pictures of Elizabeth like they did at the hospital and today I finally pulled it off.

Since the sun was out for a bit we decided to hang out in the backyard for a little bit as a family. Benjamin had fun throwing rocks and grass down the drain. Elizabeth eventually fell asleep and laid under the big umbrella to keep her protected from the sun.

I was able to harvest a few more strawberries (I am thinking I need to get 3-4 more strawberry plants and then I can harvest enough to make my own jam from my garden).

Jared got some good pictures of Benjamin hanging out with Elizabeth. He is really starting to come around to enjoying her more and more. When he wants his mommy though he still doesn't hesitate trying to get her away from me.

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  1. beautiful picture of Elizabeth. Love the pink.