Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smart Phone Test Drive

Jared's phone was acting up badly. He took it apart to work on it and broke the part that was causing the issue which broke the phone. We had an old school back up phone that he booted up to use as we debate changing carriers and getting smart phones when our contracts expire. Yesterday when we picked up Benjamin from Jared's sister (Jacki) he talked to her about her old Window's phone. He brought it home and booted that one up and has been taking the whole smart phone thing for a spin without breaking our contract (Thanks Jacki!)!

Of course Jared downloaded the trial version of Angry Birds as I've used it in the past to entertain Benjamin. Elizabeth was asleep on Jared's chest last night and Benjamin was climbing onto his shoulder to watch him play and play the game himself. I eventually took Elizabeth away but not before I got some pictures of the three of them together.

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