Monday, June 4, 2012

A Little Family Vacation

I coached Track and Field again this year. I will you what there were days I thought I was crazy for doing so being pregnant and dealing with teenagers again. I didn't care much for teenagers when I was one and here I was putting myself in their path. Thankfully some of the kids made it worthwhile. One of my throwers made it to State in the discus. I was so proud of her (Madison Stillwell) as it was her senior year and she deserved to make it with all of her hard work.

My family went with me down to the Tacoma area. It was a nice little vacation! On the day that Madi was throwing we had some time to just hang out so we found a place to chill and let Benjamin play. He lined up cars, ran along the high school and cuddled with his Mommy!

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