Monday, June 4, 2012

Never Too Old

While nearing the end of my pregnancy I am having a hard time getting comfortable and working. When downstairs Benjamin likes to jump all over me and run upstairs. I decided to work upstairs but I couldn't keep my laptop on my lap very well. So I decided to start using the spare bedroom with a desk in it as my new office space. Benjamin loved it as he is not allowed in the room very often. I had to clean it up a little bit but it didn't take much.

I had the extra monitor set-up and when Benjamin was a little restless I was able to play Mickey Mouse Club House for him and keep working.

On May 18th he decided climbing into the bassinet would be so much fun. I had to grab the camera. This isn't the first time he's crawled into it but he just laid and played in it for so long I had to capture it again.

Later that day I went downstairs to get bags out of the closet to pack for going to State for Track & Field at the end of the week. Benjamin followed me and climbed right in and started playing with the old bouncy chair. It's funny to me how much he loves to play with his old toys. I can tell when Elizabeth gets here he will be playing with her toys and items more than her most likely.

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