Monday, June 4, 2012

An Impromtu Birthday Party

Monday the 28th of May was Memorial Day! Whoo hoo! A day off of work! First I am grateful for all who have served and are currently serving our country. I am grateful for the freedom's that I am so blessed with by living in this country.

We went to visit my Dad in the morning who we hadn't seen in months. He really enjoyed seeing us! He told me I looked just like my mom when she was younger. Afterwards we went to Jared's parents house to help out with laying down the bark they got in for their flower beds we had weeded and planted a few weeks prior. Jared, his dad and Brian also brought their RC cars. Benjamin had me play with one of them for awhile and was mad when the battery died but I couldn't let go of the controller.

Afterwards we had dinner and an impromptu birthday party for Benjamin. His grandma sure knows how to spoil us. I got to have hamburgers, chips, raspberry lemonade, chocolate covered oreo's, cake and ice cream!

Benjamin wasn't able to blow the candles out and either was I. Grandma leaned over and accomplished it!
I cannot believe my little boy is 2 years old now.

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