Monday, June 4, 2012

My Two Year Old

I have a two year old! He's been a toddler for well over a year now as he mastered walking very early on. I cannot express how much I love this little boy of mine.
He is currently weighing in at 31.6lbs and is 34 inches tall.
He is a momma and daddy's boy through and through. But of the two of us momma is best! Which is fine with me except maybe in the middle of the night when I want to roll over and sleep and he refuses to let me. But how can you resist the cuteness that is my little Benjamin!
Benjamin loves cars! He thinks cars to play with, look at, climb in or watch is the coolest thing ever! When we go to my Boppa's house to work on the garden we will put him in the car to play and keep him penned up and he loves every minute of it. He actually gets mad on the days we don't let him play in the car.
Climbing! Oh my goodness Benjamin is a climber. I've said it before but his goal in life is to get to the highest point he can and potentially jump off of it. While this terrifies other people who see him climb things we don't mind much. Every once in awhile he does make a nervous but we try to keep a close eye on him while letting him explore. Last week Jared picked Benjamin up from the nursery at church and they said "He's quite the climber huh?" And Jared said "Yes." They then said "and very resourceful!" Apparently Benjamin had been moving different toys around the room to climb onto or into things.
Sweets! It's amazing to me how quickly Benjamin recognizes packages that will contain something sweet. I will bring treats home from work and even if it's something new based on the packaging he assumes it's a nice tasty treat. He also loves Chocolate milk. I can't make it through the door if I have chocolate milk in my hand. He must have it and will hyperventilate until he gets it. So he's mommy's son. His daddy doesn't have quiet the sweet tooth.
Benjamin still enjoys to spin and sometimes he will spin with his eyes closed which is funny. He loves to relax between our legs. He absolutely loves to watch Phineas and Ferb. There's several episodes like Meepless in Seattle that are his favorites. I love to watch it just to watch him and listen to him laugh.
Tickling! Benjamin is like his daddy and can decide to not be ticklish. So not fair! But when he wants to be tickled watch out. He will grab your hands and make the motions for you to tickle him and he does get pretty wild.
He still doesn't talk much but that doesn't mean he can't communicate. He will get your attention and let you know what he wants you just have to follow him and pay attention.
As I mentioned before Benjamin loves his parents and is not crazy about the idea of being away from us. At church he goes to the nursery and when we get to church now and sit down after a few minutes he starts to panic. It used to be that it only happened when the closing prayer was done that he would grab my neck tight and start crying. Now it happens before church and after almost every amen that is said. Amen at home is an okay word but at church it means time for nursery in his mind. While it's funny to some degree I do feel bad. He has a great time while in nursery but the idea of being separated is very hard on him.
Swings! There is a park in Monroe that has this awesome saucer swing. Benjamin loves to swing on it with his mommy! I love swinging too so it's great! Being outside is also a favorite of Benjamin's. Along with throwing rocks down the back drains.
Benjamin basically refuses to sleep in his crib anymore these days. So we are going to be moving him up to a big boy bed because he will sleep fine on a regular bed. We think he doesn't like to be trapped and unable to come to us if he wakes up and this way we can go cuddle him back to sleep in his own bed.
We love Benjamin so much and are so grateful to be his parents. We enjoy every minute we have with him and feel so blessed. I cannot believe it's been two years already. It does fly by quickly but I am doing my best to enjoy each moment, make great memories and love him with all my heart (which is really easy to do).


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  2. Benjamine really is such a cute little boy! I love the toe head.

  3. sorry I didn't mean to put an e on Benjamin