Monday, June 4, 2012

A Day at Home

On Wednesday's I work from home. On May 16th I kept the camera nearby to capture a few moments with Benjamin throughout the day.

Benjamin loves to lay between our legs for some reason. If your on the bed he will climb between them and if you are laying on the floor on your stomach he will still climb between your legs. Though yesterday Jared was laying on the floor reading on his stomach but his feet were going into the window sill. So Benjamin climbed the back of Jared's legs and into the window. It was pretty funny.

Bath time! If Benjamin doesn't get his bath before Jared leaves for school then it's pretty unlikely that Benjamin will get a bath at all.

And of course the day cannot be complete without some cars being lined up around the house. Typically Benjamin lines them up right next to each other but the other day Daddy showed him how you could line them up right behind each other.
  Probably a week ago or so we were hanging out downstairs and Jared went upstairs to get something...maybe a diaper...when he came back downstairs he tells me, "Our house is infested!" I started to feel a little uneasy and asked, "With what?" "CARS!!!" He said he went upstairs and rounded the corner and hit a lineup of cars and they all scattered like things do when you come upon mice or cockroaches quickly. Thankfully it was just a description and not a real infestation.

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