Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Newest Addition

We would like to introduce and welcome to our family Elizabeth Marie Lutz.

Born on a beautiful Friday afternoon June 15th, 2012 at 1:18pm. Elizabeth was actually born on her due date. She came into the world weighing 10lbs and 10oz and measured 20.9 inches long.

(Yes, she was vaginally delivered!)

Labor was very different this time around as I was not exhausted from not being able to sleep the 2 previous nights. I had gotten some sleep Thursday night off and on trying to make myself sleep as much as possible. At 2am I could not longer make myself go back to sleep. Jared and I felt the time was fast approaching to go to the hospital. The car was all packed so we did family scripture study and prayer and got the last few things we needed and headed off to the hospital at 3am. Benjamin woke up and was wide awake until around 6am when he fell asleep in his daddy's arms. I was not able to be admitted right away and had to go do the "walk of shame" as Jared put it, to see if I could progress any further. Benjamin enjoyed going up and down the escalator with his daddy while mommy made the rounds. Jared got Benjamin's stroller so we could walk outside. Walking outside was beautiful, refreshing and cool to my skin. After out "walk of shame" was done we went back to triage and I had progressed enough to be admitted.

I debated getting an epidural. The thought of the needle scared me but I was already feeling maxed out on my pain threshold. I got the epidural and the thought of the needle almost made my husband pass out. Thankfully Benjamin was asleep for all of this part and slept for a few hours. Once I had the epidural things slowed down some. I was eventually dialated all the way but Elizabeth was not down far enough yet. The Dr. and nurses thought I would have to labor for a few hours still before she would come. I remember looking at the clock and thinking it's not going to be much longer. They hadn't even left my room 10 minutes when I asked Jared to go get someone as I needed to push. I was checked and Elizabeth was right there ready to go. I have learned with both pregnancies that when your body is ready to go and the time has come to deliver things move quickly.

I will save you from any further details but I certainly had to push more this time than with Benjamin. And I almost lost my cool when they tried to have Jared deliver or catch Elizabeth as I was holding his hand and could not let go of him. The sweet nurses said to squeeze their hands but I honestly thought I would break their slender little female hands.

We are so grateful that everything went so smoothly with delivering Elizabeth. There was a knot found in the umbilical cord that was found after delivery that thankfully was loose and had not caused any issues. I am grateful for my Dr. and the nurses who helped out and are so knowledgeable and kind.

We are excited to watch our little family grow.  

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  1. So glad she is here and healthy! Congratulations to you little family.