Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pool Time and 2 Months Old

August 15th brought another day of great weather. We broke out the kiddie pool for Benjamin to play in. I sat down with my feet in the pool to cool off as well and sat with Elizabeth in my lap. Benjamin really enjoyed playing in the pool. He would walk into the pool and then out and grab my shoes, his shirt, his shoes, a towel and try to throw it all in the pool.
In the evening we chilled inside and I took some time to take pictures of Elizabeth as she was 2 months old! I can't believe it! Elizabeth still sleeps great at night. She fights sleep during the afternoon's and early evening. You have to walk around and keep moving to get her to take a nap. Though in the mornings she will go down for naps on her own. Sometimes on the ottoman and sometimes in her swing. She has hit a very smiley stage which her daddy loves. He can make her smile a lot now which is refreshing after her just screaming at him previously. I love my little girl! Her hair is much darker than Benjamin's but has a reddish tint to it.
We shall see how that pans out. Her two month appointment at the Dr's is at the end of the month but we've weighed her and she is at 14 pounds already. She has great neck control already and loves to coo. Elizabeth is doing better also since her mommy has gone off of dairy and wheat. The sacrifices we make for our children. Some days it's easy and other day's it's hard. We've tried going back onto wheat but had side affects again of stuck burps and a super fussy little girl. So still no dairy or wheat for now. Which by the way did you know that Red Vines is made with wheat?!! They are!!! I had no idea! I found out after I ate a whole bucket of Red Vines. Someone at church came up to me a few weeks ago and started to tell me how he had never heard a baby cry that shrill. Yes I know we call that the "Banshee Cry". Thankfully she doesn't do it near as much as she used to. She is staying awake for longer spells during the day and wanting to be talked to. We are so grateful to have Elizabeth in our family and love her so much!
Olga had fun with Jacki and a bunch of ladies from church at a river. She got home and played with Elizabeth and grabbed Benjamin for one photo.


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