Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craving's at 10pm

So yesterday my back was hurting so when I got home I crawled in bed and laid there for about 5 hours. I rested on and off once Jared laid down with me. Something about having him there makes me relax yet I don't always like sharing the bed with him. Anyways so that's about 5 hours of no eating also. Jared asked me while I was still waking up what I wanted to eat for dinner and I just was too out of it to even tell if I was hungry.

I finally realized I was hungry at about 9:35pm and so I grabbed a yogurt. I was still hungry so I looked through the fridge for quick easy food and found nothing. I was so frustrated. I didn't want to spend 30 minutes or even 15 cooking something when it was time to go to bed. So I asked Jared if we could go pick something up. And of course living where we live at 10pm means your options are only one place or driving 15 minutes to the next town. So McDonald's it was.

On our way back to the house Jared tells me that this counts as running out for a craving which I disagreed with but I will give it to him. I finally had a craving for something and made us leave the house at a very late hour (at least for us).


  1. This counts! Terence knows all about late night McDonalds runs. I love it!

  2. Haha... Nice! I don't know if it really counts, unless you were crazing chicken McNuggets, which is exactly how I gained 60 lbs while pregnant :) I never made Brooks go anywhere (not that you MADE Jared go) during late hours, however, there was 1 Sunday at the very beginning of the pregnancy when I felt too sick to eat anything which, as you probably know, made me feel more sick. So I made Brooks get me alfredo sauce at the store. It was so gross, I think I cried. Lol. Good times!