Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
This year was a little more low key than in the past. I usually like to do some big huge fancy thing for Jared. I've done lots of puzzles and treasure hunts. :) I have fun putting them together and enjoy doing something for Jared. I'm not sure if it's just because it was on a Sunday or I've realized Jared likes things low key or I was lazy. Whichever it was we had a wonderful day together.

I got up this morning and made pancakes and scrambled eggs. I threw some blueberries in my pancakes since Jared is not a fan of them and I am trying to be good and eat more fruits and veggies whenever I can. After breakfast Jared ran to his one morning meeting as the rest were canceled (whoo-hoo). I got ready and waited to be picked up by him. We went to church and sat alone today which isn't normal.

After church we came home and had a snack before playing some video games together. We had a really, really, really good time!!! I went upstairs to take a nap and then had a craving for bread sticks. And not just any bread sticks...the best bread sticks. Allyson's Bread sticks! They are so good! So then I had to figure out what to make to go with them for dinner but I wasn't sure what to do. I debated for a little bit and landed on making chicken nuggets with a side salad. I asked Jared to make the nuggets. They are from scratch and SSSSOOOOO AMAZING!!! My taste buds feel like they've died and gone to heaven!
Now for dessert I was very excited to make this little treat I had decided on at least 2-3 days prior. So I did have some forethought and made some plans. I have this heart shaped cookie pan that I hardly ever use. So I bought some sugar cookie dough, cream cheese frosting and fruit! To make a fruit pizza in a heart shape. Does that not say Happy Valentine's Day??!! While making the fruit pizza I was thinking about Iron Chef and plating and came up with something fun to make for the ladies I work with at church. We shall see if I actually make it on Tuesday...I really want to as of right now.
Here are some pictures of the flowers that Jared got me. I got them on Thursday. I am such a lucky girl. He let me pick them out myself. He was going to get them for me regardless and I kind of messed with his plans by coming into the office this week and asking to go to Costco for groceries. I wasn't expecting it to happen this early and I was certainly not expecting 2 dozen. Jared really does spoil me a lot!!!

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