Friday, February 5, 2010

Nostalgic Moments

Last night when I went to bed I opened up our window the whole way for fresh air. It was a breezy evening which is one of my favorites. I love to listen to the wind whip past our house and through the trees. It's such a peaceful and relaxing feeling to me. When I can watch trees dance in the wind I love to do that too but it's hard at night when it's dark.

We were watching a show on the food network (I know don't die for some reason I like the food network now...Jacki mentioned to me it's because it's clean and wholesome) about food in lunch boxes. The guy went to different factories and one of them was Wonder Bread and talked about the smell of homemade bread and how nostalgic it is. Which made me start to think about things like my mom's baking while growing up and other things. I always loved it when I would come home from school and you could smell something cooking in the kitchen. I knew my mom was home and I knew she loved me. I love the smells of homemade bread, pumpkin pie, orange and cloves, and chocolate chip cookies.

I was also reminded of laying out in the summer on the grass and looking at the clouds. Picking out shapes of objects, animals and things. I would see dragons, horses, planes, windows, ice cream with whipped cream and so many other things. I miss the days of just laying in my yard. I hope I do it with my son and just take time to enjoy the moments instead of thinking of the never ending to do list.


  1. The "To Do List" will always be there. Your children are small for only a little while. Capture every moment you can for that is where your true treasure is.

  2. I am a big fan of putting off my to do list to party with my kid. I will never regret not having put away laundry or washing dishes, but not spending time with Brooks would be a huge mistake! You will be such a good mom! I am so excited for you guys!