Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gardening/Weeding is Rejuvenating

Friday afternoon after I finished working I decided to tackle the backyard and clean up the garden. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I was tired of looking at dead decomposing plants. So I went and grabbed some gloves and a garbage back and went to work. I got the garden cleaned out and found two sections already growing chives and something else. I cleaned out the tomato planters, cleaned out the dead strawberries which is already growing new life and cleaned out the dead flowers on the back of the house. Next up for the garden is adding compost and mixing it all up. I had made pico de gallo before going out so Jared could have a snack when he got home and I thought to myself I can't wait to make it fresh from the garden again.

Saturday afternoon I had some free time on my hands and it was again a gorgeous day so I went and weeded the front yard. I got the whole front yard completely weeded and was able to free my daffodils and crocus that are starting to come up. I can't wait until they bloom especially the crocus! They are my favorite. We also found that our snapdragons seem to be growing again. Which is strange considering they are an annual. I am excited to see if they grow again on their own. I'll be buying more because they are a gorgeous flower to watch bloom during the summer and fall.

I felt so good working with my hands in the garden and yard. I accomplished a lot and just felt rejuvenated when I was done. It was a lot of work but it was worth it and the weather was perfect both times. I really like how everything looks. Now I just need to get my garden ready and mow the back yard and weed the side of the house.


  1. I LOVE yard work. Sometimes I make Sam stay inside with the kids while I mow the lawn or do other yard work. Have fun!

  2. That is a great way to spend your day and a great way to get grounded with the earth. Wish my yard were the same size as yours. :)