Thursday, July 15, 2010


I feel really blessed. I went to have lunch with a friend from work and visit my old team yesterday. A job opportunity fell in my lap. I was a bit surprised at how soon they wanted me back. I feel it's a blessing from Heavenly Father. I was hoping that Jared would get a raise and that his boss would magically disappear and he be promoted but since that is not happening (fingers still crossed) this is a huge blessing to our family.
Last Fast Sunday at church a Sister in the ward bore her testimony and it hit home. It was about mother's and having to work. She was counseled by her Stake President to make a goal for how long she needed to work and then on that date to quit. When that date came she did quit and it was hard but things worked out and her family was blessed. Her testimony was just what I needed to hear.
I really don't want to work if I could afford to but this opportunity is really great because it's part of my old job part time and from home. The details are being worked out so there's nothing official yet but if it does work out it would really help. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows better than us and constantly blesses us.


  1. That sounds amazing Sister Lutz!!

  2. This is exactly what I've found. It may take a bit longer than I'd like it to sometimes (see also: sick of being so freakin' single all the time) and there are times when I have no idea why something is happening the way it is, but as long as you're doing the right thing, I just find that one way or another, things will work out.

  3. I am so glad things are going so well for your family! It is so true, do what you know is best and everything just seems to fall into place!

  4. I thought of you when she bore her testimony. :-) Yay for Heavenly Father and his blessings! Benjamin is lucky to have you for his mom.