Thursday, July 22, 2010

Soap Collection in Use

I've been realizing that I have too much stuff and need to get rid of some things. One of my issues is that I get sentimentally attached to things that people give me. So things like soaps that are fancy I have a hard time using. But here's the thing...they sit on a shelf collecting dust and only being admired by myself when I remember to dust them. I was cleaning the hall bathroom today (it's finally clean from top to bottom) and found my fancy soaps and dusted them. I was going to put them back to be on display when I decided they just needed to be used. But then my sentimental side spoke up and said they couldn't be used! The thought came to me though to take pictures of them and write about who gave them to me so I didn't forget about them and then they could be used and appreciated by other people while being effective soaps.
My dad (I believe...pretty sure) got these for me many years ago. There was a collection of 4, the 4th is in my bathroom being used, it's pink and it got wet so I had to use it. I like the fish because they do remind me of my dad since he is a fisherman.

My dad also bought me this lighthouse soap. I really love it. It's funny how I used to buy my dad lighthouse items and then turned into a lighthouse collector myself and he know adds to my collection. I can be quit honest this one will be hard to use because it is really awesome! It's a pina colada scent. YUM!!!

My mom got me this star shaped soap dish with angel soap and stars. There is a white angel in the back at the top and then the Cherub picture soap and the stars. I opened it up today and placed it on the counter in the hall bathroom to be used. I do also enjoy angels...though my collection of angels is not anywhere near as extensive as my lighthouse collection. (Hmm...I wonder how many lighthouse things I have...would pictures count that are hung? Or just knickknacks?)

Alright I have my angel soaps ready to be used and I will start using the others as there arises a need for them. There is one bar of soap I was given that I used and have almost finished with. It's a bar that my sister Megan gave me. She but these little shoes in them and gave it to me for Christmas (I believe) one year. The reason I used it was because I wanted my shoes out of the soap. They are really cute.

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