Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gospel Topic Tuesday (Preview): Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

So I've totally fallen off the wagon with my Gospel Topic Tuesday. Which to be honest is because I have not been studying anything like I planned. I'm still trying to get into a rhythm with my personal scripture studies. I have been devouring the Ensign's though which count as scripture.
Anyways this week Jared and I were having a conversation about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I learned some things that he does when he has to work. He will bring a lunch (or starve), he won't accept free food from the vendors and he won't listen to his music. He tries his best to keep his thoughts on the Lord and worship that way. Last week he did not have enough gas to get home so he stopped to get gas but only bought 2 gallons to ensure he had just enough to make it home. I did not realize he did so much to try his best to keep the Sabbath Day holy when he worked. I was very impressed and moved by his actions.
We discussed how when we travel that we always try to prepare foods to eat so we don't buy anything on the road. Jared has even not played music that wasn't Sunday appropriate while driving to show reverence for the Lord's day. I know it's hard sometimes and circumstances can be unavoidable but when they do arise we must always do our best to keep the Sabbath Day holy.
Tomorrow our son Benjamin is being blessed and we are preparing to feed anyone that comes over after church. As Jared and I were discussing the menu he commented how whatever it was needed to be simple so that we weren't doing too much work. Now normally our meals on Sunday's are simple mostly out of laziness on my part but I of course want to feed people a good meal and that would require some work. So we landed on a potato bar and I worked for a few hours today on preparing everything so it is all ready to go. I appreciate Jared's comments that made me think about my actions and lead me to prepare for tomorrow. It's not only showing respect to the Lord but it is making my prep time tomorrow after church extremely minimal and less stressful.
More to come on Tuesday about keeping the Sabbath Day holy.

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