Friday, July 30, 2010

Journals and pads of paper

Earlier this week I went to the store. I was walking towards the checkout stands and went down the school supply aisle. I actually love the back to school aisle's! I love looking at new pencils and pens, college ruled paper and binders. It makes me all nostalgic and gives me a desire to be back in school (not really high school but continuing my education). Anyways I saw these cute little notebooks and almost bought one when I realized I have enough pads of paper and journals at home to last me a few more years before I need anymore. So I continued on down the aisle feeling pretty good about myself. I had not given into the temptation to buy a journal. As I was almost to the end of the aisle I saw some larger notebooks with fancy covers. My strength left me and I bought it.
I am going to use it for Young Women's stuff to help keep track of things. :D

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